Frequently asked questions

Is my device supported?

All iOS devices using iOS 13 or above and all Android devices are supported, though the app will work better on newer devices. The books are optimsed for 10"-11" screens however, it also works well using 5" or 6" mobile screens. We are looking to add the app to the Amazon app store in the near future for use of Amazon Kindle Fire tables too.

Is this age appropriate for my child?

The stories within our app are aimed at to be read to new born babies, through to young children learning to read with their parents. The reading age of the books vary between 6-9 years old. We are looking to add games and more interactives features for older children in the coming months.

Is there a subscription?

You are not subscribed to our app, but simply pay per book download. This allows you to access your books from any Android or iOS device, meaning you only purchase each book once and can view it from any device where you have installed the app and logged in. Don't forget, we will regularly update our app with more free books as well.

How long do books take to download?

Books download in approximately 10 seconds. This may be slightly longer or shorter, depending on the speed of your devices connection.

For any other questions you may have, please contact us using the Contact section below.